"Learn by doing."

Homestead Bootcamp Chickens

What is homesteading?
Homesteading is living a life with some level of self-sufficiency through home farming, food preservation, and can include making your own clothing or textiles.

Why would I want to learn to homestead?
There are many reasons to learn some skills of self-sufficiency. You might be one of those people that is uncertain of the future and wishes to be prepared for a disaster (natural, political or economical), or maybe you are interested in all-natural or raw foods. Perhaps you live a good distance away from a major city, and it would be easier to shop in your backyard. Or maybe you are looking to see how much money you could save by buying less and growing more. Whatever the reason, homesteading can be an answer. It will help you save money, live healthier, and stay prepared.

What makes you an authority on homesteading?
We don’t claim to be an authority on homesteading, but we do practice what we preach. If we make a video on a topic, it means that we have done it, used it, eaten it, etc. We don’t show you how to do anything that we don’t first do ourselves and find to be worthwhile and healthy. We wouldn’t purposely put ourselves in danger, so if you are watching us do something on a video then we have found a safe way to do it. If you are unsure of anything you see us do, please look it up! And if you feel at all uncomfortable with something you see us do, DON’T DO IT! We encourage you to try new things, but if you are uneasy about a topic then steer clear of it until you are ready.

Where are you located?
Our homestead is in Northern Wisconsin. Our plant hardiness zone is Zone 4a (-30 to -25°F). Some of the foods that we are able to grow here may not grow in your area, or you may have a much wider variety of foods able to grow in your area. If a plant can’t be found in our area, we can give you tips on growing, harvesting, and preserving, but we won’t have tried it ourselves. Use caution and do your own research before trying anything you are unsure of.